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Barnyard Kids

Barnyards Kids is a club dedicated to learning about different kinds of livestock. The club takes place twice a month and aims to have a field trip at least once per month. In addition, Barnyard Kids is also responsible for the livestock tent at the Middlesex County Fair! Please contact or Jeanine at if you are interested in joining!


Cottontails and Company is a Small Animal club in the Middlesex County 4-H program. We focus on learning about and showing rabbits and other small animals through a learn-by-doing approach to teach responsibility, community awareness, and character development. We honor leadership, teamwork, and integrity. We meet as a club every 3rd Friday of the month at 7pm at the 4-H cabin. Members accepted from Kindergarten through 1st year of college. Please contact Melissa at for more information.


The 4-H Eco Maniacs is a 4-H club that focuses on the environment.  We spend around 1-2 days each month working on service projects, educational programs, or field trips.Our meetings tend to be held on the third Tuesday of every month.  These meetings start around 7:00 P.M. EST and are located at 20 River Road in Highland Park.  At around 8:30-9:00, the meetings will end for the day and parents may pick the members up.Every meeting held is mostly run by the members, and each member will have a designated role.  A paper listing the upcoming events will be handed out, and the events will be summarized during the meeting.  We will also discuss the activities that we are working on.​ After the meeting, parents have the responsibility to let the club managers know whether the members can attend the events or not.  It is fine if people aren’t able to attend certain events, but is very crucial that we know.  This way, if there aren’t enough people attending, we can reschedule the event.

Please send an email to if you are interested in more information. Also make sure to check out the Ecomaniacs instagram and website at and @eco_maniacs4h

Indian Langoor

At the club we are always looking for innovative way to learn and share our culture through unique projects. We work together to make amazing projects, put together fun presentations, and entertain the crowds! We believe in team work and work hard to bring out the best in each one of us by taking “Monkey Business” seriously! We love Sharing our Culture with others, and believe in Making a Difference.

Langoor Teens are writing the history of Indian Americans through the program “Recording History: Live!”

Learn how to eat nutritious food and cook fabulous dishes from Langoor moms and dads. Make fun table decorations, and more!

Langoor Goals:

  • Learn about India’s rich cultural heritage

  • Share India’s culture with others

  • Appreciate cultural diversity

  • Contribute positively to better our world

Check out their website for more information!

Junior and Teen Council

Junior and teen council are two clubs all about leadership and volunteering. Junior Council is for grades 6-8, while Teen Council is for grades 9-13, so be sure to join the proper club. Both groups work together to host many events to benefit the Middlesex county community, such as project gift or the annual haunted house. To find out more, contact Laura Bovitz at (732)398-5261 or


If you LOVE horses, then Mavericks 4-H horse club is the club for YOU! No need to own a horse to be able to join. Mavericks will teach you everything about horses. This is not a riding club, there is no riding instruction, but if owning or leasing a horse is in your future, then please join. There will be times you will interact with real horses – how to be around them safely, how to groom, put a halter on and lead a horse and much more. If you think you might want to become a vet, this club will help you get started. You will also make new friends who also love horses. If you have been to the Middlesex County Fair and have seen the horses under the tent – that is our club. Love horses, join Mavericks 4-H horse club.

Contact Karol Kuna at or Brenda Bruotolo at for more information! Meetings are at the 4H center on every second monday of the month at 7pm!



Show Stoppers of Middlesex County focuses on animal science and showmanship for mainly rabbits and poultry.  4-H’ers learn about the physiology, anatomy, nutrition, illnesses and diseases of small animals and poultry. Members are encouraged to attend state and county 4-H shows participating in breed ID, showmanship and judging.  Throughout the year guests speakers are invited to talk about small animals, agriculture, soil, and plant biology.  This club is geared towards the older 4-H’er as veterinary science materials are discussed in length.

The club meets on the 1st Monday of each month from 7-8pm via Zoom (for now).


Please Contact Julie at for more information

The Outsiders

Love being outdoors? 4H Club; The Outsiders is the perfect club for these types of enthusiasts. From hiking on New Jersey trails, kayaking down the Delaware & Raritan Canal to rock climbing in Marlboro (ok…some of our events are indoors) this group caters to every nature loving individual. Even our meetings keeps nature top of mind by having guest speakers who are subject matter experts in fishing, camping, outdoor education,  anthropology and more join and inform our group. The Outsiders is the perfect club if you want to disconnect from social and just smell the fresh air. ! Please contact Christine Caffery at for more information