What is 4-H?

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What is 4-H?

A 4-H Vision: The name 4-H conjures up different pictures for different people.Your vision of 4-H may be county fairs, horse shows, a model rocket launch, or 4-H camping programs.Your vision depends on your experiences with 4-H Youth Development.

4-H is People: Whatever your vision, 4-H is about helping adults and youth grow, learn and develop into competent people.

4-H is Experience Centered Learning: It enables them to adapt what they learn to everyday life through action and reflection. 4-H program is centered around experience, it is education for life. 4-H gives the youth opportunity to experience a sense of accomplishment and success, key ingredients to gaining a sense of self-esteem.

Current Programs and Visions of the Future:

a 4-H activity or a 4-H club in an after or before school child care setting;
a small business being run by a group of urban youth;
a group of children, in a short term program, learning about the right foods to eat;
a group of youth in a housing project or a 4-H club composed of adjudicated youth;
A classroom teacher using 4-H curriculum to enrich his curriculum or leading a 4-H club in school;
college age youth tutoring youth in reading and math.
__________ This line represents a blank mental page so together we can create new visions to reach youth!
4-H is Volunteers: 4-H volunteers are the backbone of the 4-H Youth Development Program! 4-H volunteers are taught how to provide a safe environment for youth so they can experiment, and grow. We celebrate with each and everyone who has chosen the 4-H volunteer experience.

Support for Volunteers: Volunteers receive training and support for which ever volunteer role they choose. They begin one step at a time, and before they know it they are running with the 4-H program!

For our current 4-H Volunteers, thank you for volunteering to share your time and dedication with NJ 4-H youth. 4-H is about people like you working with other adults and youth.

For those of you who are not 4-H volunteers, we invite you to explore with us the possibility of becoming a 4-H volunteer in Middlesex County 4-H Youth Development.


For more information please contact:

Laura K. Bovitz
4-H Agent